Is it difficult..? Is it difficult to put a fake smile on face when each and every¬†bone of your body is breaking down, when your heart is shouting at the top of it’s voice,¬†when your body and soul are not cooperating with your brain, when you are fighting with yourself in your head, when the […]

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First day of survival.

17 August 2017. Here I am, standing at the gate of Stephen University. It’s beautiful here, the only thing I don’t like here is.. well… Humans..!! I looked myself in the mirror this morning.. and wondered, am I pretty?? My ex-friends and present enemies used to say I am… The person who made my life […]

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Dear Diary, Here I am, again, I know I am the reason of your Boredom. I have been filling you with my complaints and sadness for over one year. But still you know you are my best friend. I don’t know how I am living my life and how am I going to live like […]

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