“Umm… You left your glasses on table, thought you’d need them” he said, giving me back my useless big round glasses.

Oh, by the way, I don’t need glasses, My eyesight is perfectly fine, I just use that for two reasons, Firstly, glasses doesn’t suit my face, and they make me look ugly, which is my strategy for passing out of the college, without getting noticed. And secondly, I am afraid of direct eye-contacts (obviously), so, they kind of give me protection to my eyes, and my eyes feels safe.

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Is it difficult..? Is it difficult to put a fake smile on face when each and every¬†bone of your body is breaking down, when your heart is shouting at the top of it’s voice,¬†when your body and soul are not cooperating with your brain, when you are fighting with yourself in your head, when the […]

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First day of survival.

17 August 2017. Here I am, standing at the gate of Stephen University. It’s beautiful here, the only thing I don’t like here is.. well… Humans..!! I looked myself in the mirror this morning.. and wondered, am I pretty?? My ex-friends and present enemies used to say I am… The person who made my life […]

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Dear Diary, Here I am, again, I know I am the reason of your Boredom. I have been filling you with my complaints and sadness for over one year. But still you know you are my best friend. I don’t know how I am living my life and how am I going to live like […]

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