He was a relief…!

“Hayat..?” He said once more.

I stood there, still, my heart stopped pumping blood, my full body was shaking. What was it..? Why was it..? Why did he wanted to talk to me.. “HE”, “Neil Wilson”.

He looked at me like I was a little child, scared of strangers. “You left your notebook on your desk, I thought you’ll need it” He said softly. He was different. His eyes were not showing me my weaknesses, rather they were filled with… I don’t know what… um… maybe mystery, like he was trying to know me.

I forced my hand to move and I finally succeeded when I took it from him. “Ho..w, How did you know.. Know my… My name?” yeah, I managed to speak these words out of my useless mouth.

“Who doesn’t know” he said and gave a little laugh, but then look at me, “ you know after all that happened in the class” he explained, a little worried that I might take an offence to that.

Damn… stupid me, of course, everyone know me now, because of that full drama I created in class. I could feel all the eyes were on me, everyone in the corridor were staring at me and Neil. Their looks, were burning me down, but at the same time Neil was looking at me too, and his eyes, were like water being poured over all my burning sensations. This world was a pain, and he was a relief. I don’t know why but I felt comfortable around him. I don’t feel helpless when his shadow was covering me.

I know that sounds stupid, and I am not saying that I like him or something, because that is never going to happen. It’s just maybe a friend; I mean I can speak in front of him. He could at least relax my mind from all the pain I have suffered.

Okay I accept I have gone too far with my thoughts process, he just returned my notebook, and I have already built a castle of dreams in my mind.

STOP DREAMING, STUPID HAYAT. No one would ever want to talk to someone as stupid, weird, ugly and boring girl as you. And he’s after all Neil… he must be having thousands of friends and girlfriends…

“I am Neil Wilson, By the way…” He said, realizing that the silence between us was getting awkward now. “I know” I said, my eyes still on his shoes, I don’t have the courage to look up. “You know…?” He asked with a grin, which reflected his left dimple, which was the cutest sight I have ever seen in all these years.

“Omg, I can’t believe, Neil is even talking to something like that” “yeah, she’s just yuck…” a group of girls standing beside us said.

My eyes started dwelling up, my respiratory system blocked, and I almost chocked from inside. Suffocating with the insult I just got. It wasn’t that it was new for me, I was used to these kind of things, but Neil was there too, he heard that, and his presence was making it difficult for me to take insults, I was better alone.

“Do I have to take permission from you before speaking to someone? And before commenting anyone just have a look in the mirror, bloody factories of cosmetics.” He said to them.

I was happy that he took a stand for me, but I was not worth it, I wasn’t that good. I need to get out of here; my mind was just getting out of system. My anxiety level was going up. “I need to go” I said, and ran from there. Thankfully I wasn’t wearing any heels or anything otherwise I surely would have tripped like hundreds of times. I ran like there was no end, my tears are just so stubborn, I tried to hold them up, but they started running like someone just opened a tap. Now I was running and crying. I could hear laughing and whispering all around, I was like an entertainment for them.

But now I am running, away, like I always do, running away from my miseries, running away from my problems, running away from people, from the world. All I could hear was a voice calling “Hayat… wait”, and that too got over with the passing time.


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